Skaters line up against Leisure Centre

Harrow_skate_3 Plans for the new Christchurch Avenue leisure centre are due to considered next week, amid opposition from sports groups and opposition politicians. The decision is expected on May 7.

The plans for the replacement of Harrow Leisure Centre have been under fire, many clubs feel a new smaller centre will have less facilities for sports like squash, badminton, and table tennis, and the Labour group on the council has been campaigning against the plans, led by Councillor Navin Shah, a former architect.

The development has also provoked the ire of the local skaters – Harrow Skatepark would be demolished to make way for the new facility. While an application to build a new skatepark, which Officers have recommended be granted, is due to be considered at the same council meeting, many skaters have written to the council, protesting about the demolition of their 1970s park which is apparently something of a skating icon.

Skaters among you may enjoy

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