SEGRO opens bridge, promises more investment

segro bridge 2SEGRO  has said it has plans to invest £130 million into Slough over the next five years in line with the Council’s own economic vision for the town.

segro bridge 1At the official opening ceremony of the Leigh Road Bridge(pictured above and right)  – a £10million investment – SEGRO’s Chief Operating Officer Andy Gulliford explained that in order to support a vibrant business community and attract further inward investment to the region, 1.3 million sq.ft. of modern commercial and amenity space on the Slough Trading Estate will be developed.

The plans include two new hotels, a restaurant and bar as well as expanding the existing offer at the Buckingham Centre.

Andy Gulliford, SEGRO’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “Today is a momentous landmark. At £10 million of private investment, the new Leigh Road Bridge is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Estate’s history and a great testament to the collaboration between all those involved in delivering our shared vision for the continued improvement of the Trading Estate.

“But it’s also something more than a bridge. It’s a sign of our ongoing commitment to Slough. Our 5 year development plan mirrors the Council’s own economic plan for the town, and we believe that working together, SEGRO and the Council can create an environment that inspires confidence in the business community to invest in the town.”

Teams from SEGRO, Slough Borough Council, Osborne, Peter Brett Associates, Network Rail and the Highways Agency worked together on the bridge project which is part of the ongoing improvement of the Trading Estate.

Now fully operational, traffic is able to flow more freely around the Estate with the original Brunel designed bridge now fully pedestrianised for walkers and cyclists.

Ruth Bagley, the Chief Executive of Slough Borough Council, who said: “We congratulate SEGRO on their new bridge, as well as their vision for the Estate and their significant commitment to continue investing in Slough over the coming years.

“SEGRO is Slough’s biggest landowner and as such our close partnership with them plays a huge part in attracting and retaining the businesses needed to grow our economy and maintain our status as a world class economic hub.

“The 10-year simplified planning agreement we recently renewed with SEGRO, which gives businesses the flexibility of constructing buildings without going through the full planning process, is just one example of how we’re working together to encourage growth and maintain Slough’s competitive advantage. “

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