SEGRO back aviation capacity expansion

Alan Holland of SEGRO expressed strong support for extra aviation capacity in the south east in his speech at the West London Property Forum.

Speaking at the lunch, organised by West London Business, Holland said he “welcomed the Government waking up and recognising that the UK needs an aviation policy”. He also applauded the decision to keep expansion at Heathrow on the list of options being considered by the review, likley to start in June.

He said it was “too early to judge whether the best option would be expansion at Heathrow, or some other airport, or a brand new one in the Thames Estuary”, but that SEGRO’s support would go to the option which was the most sustainable and deliverable.

He said he thought that any alternative which involved “pontoons and the construction of significant new infrastructure” was unlikely to be deliverable “in my lifetime”.

Holland also reiterated the recently articulated SEGRO strategy to focus on the south east, and in particular to grow their exposure to Park Royal. He spoke of plans they are working on at present to submit plans for the former Guiness Brewery site at Hanger Lane, on which development is presently stalled, which would produce an estate capable of hosting 1000 jobs.

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