SEC hosts public meeting

Sec sketch Save Ealing's Centre, an amalgamation of 26 local lobby groups, is holding a public meeting on Jan 20 to discuss the recently approved Dickens Yard and Arcadia schemes.

SEC, which vehemently opposed both St George's Dickens Yard, and Glenkerrin's Arcadia, plans to launch its vision for how Ealing Broadway should develop. SEC remains opposed to both developments, preferring low-rise commercial property to Arcadia, and civic and cultural uses to Dickens Yard.

Their proposals involve avoiding new residential buildings in Ealing's centre, and providing no net increase in retail floorspace, but adding a Concert Hall, a covered market and a new bus interchange built above the railway lines at Ealing Broadway.

Core to the proposals is a height limit on any new buildings, the highest of which would be ten storeys, but in the main buildings would be limited to four, especially where there is a 'main street frontage'. The proposals also recommend Ealing abandon's its 'Metropolitain Centre' status, which SEC says is used to justify "over-ambitious development".

The meeting is at Queens Hall, from 7.30 on Tuesday 20 January. Sir Peter Hall is expected to address it, as are Councillors from all parties. See SEC's vision document here

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