Scores of roads to get multi-million pound overhaul

Potholeeg Ealing Council has agreed a £8.5 million programme of work to renew roads and pavements around the borough. 164 lengths of road and 83 stretches of footpath will be prioritised for resurfacing.

The £8.5 million being used to fund the work is the largest amount spent on improving the borough’s streets in a decade.  Last year the Council spent £3.5 million on roads and pavements, but before that the largest spend in the last 10 years was £1.9 million in 2002/03.

The Council will carry out a statutory three-month consultation with utility companies to find out if they want to do any work before each road is resurfaced.  After the work has been carried out, they will not be able to dig up the roads again for at least 12 months, except in an emergency.

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