Sainsbury open in Askew

The Sainsbury’s in Askew Road has opened. The 2,900 sq ft Sainbury Local has created 30 jobs, but angrered some local retailers.

Open 7am-11pm, the shop has pledged to “become a pivotal part of the community”, according to manager Pratik Patel, who ran the Shepherds Bush Local which opened earlier this year.

Newsmart shopkeeper Raj Patel, said: “It will hit us badly. When the Co-op opened, our sales went down and the same will happen again.” Qamur Saeed, of Atlas Food and Wine, added: “There is no doubt it will affect us all; it just depends how badly.”

But opinion is divided, Laveli Bakery manager Veronica Matlovic said she hoped the Sainsbury’s Local would draw shoppers in. “It will mean more people in the area and I would expect it to bring us more customers,” she said.

The supermarket itself insists that a small Sainsbury’s can benefit a high street, “increasing footfall in the area”.

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