Sadiq backs Southall Light Show

The Mayor of London has pledged cash for Kollektive’s Southall Light Show programme.

The Mayor has committed £12500 through his Crowdfund London initiative, which seeks to get community projects funded through appealing for cash on a crowdfunding website.

This programme, run in partnership with London-based civic crowdfunding website Spacehive and backed by the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP), invites communities to come together and propose ideas to regenerate their local areas, with the support of City Hall, local residents and beyond.

Southall Light Show aims to create a series of light installations, forming a trail across Southall to celebrate its cultural diversity and heritage. The group will run workshops to inform the design of artworks, which will explore the unique character of Southall and its community.

This is the first edition of Southall Light Show, which aims to rediscover Southall’s historical and contemporary buildings, squares, parks and canals, through a series of light art interventions. This outdoor exhibition will aim to create “surprise and delight” with artworks inspired by the varied cultural backgrounds of local residents.

The project will run 10 community studio sessions, create 10 small scale temporary illuminated interventions from October to December 2017, and install 5 larger scale Light Artworks forming a trail for one night in October 2017. The project will conclude on New Years Eve 2017 with a final cumulative artwork of the project

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “Crowdfund London represents a pioneering way for Londoners to drive regeneration of their local area from the grass roots up. It is inspiring a new generation of civic leaders and helping them unlock creative and innovative ideas for their communities.”

The funds for Southall Light Show are among 25 pledges which are part of a larger programme which will invest up to £4 million in community-led projects across the capital over the next four years.

The programme is funded by LEAP – the London Economic Action Partnership – which brings entrepreneurs and business together with the Mayor and London Councils to identify strategic actions to support and lead economic growth and job creation in the capital.

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