Runway decision imminent

Prime Minister Theresa May has said during her speech at her Party Conference that the Government expects to announce a decision shortly on where to build a new runway.

Many commentators have suggested the decision will be announced during October 2016.

The chair of the Airports Commission, Sir Howard Davies, has also said that the vote to leave the EU makes him even more certain that Heathrow is the right choice, as it is the place that connects the UK to non-european markets.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of London has written to the prime minister to urge her to expand Gatwick instead. The former Tooting MP suggests in his letter, also signed by several London MPs and local council leaders that Gatwick is the “only option that can actually be delivered”.

The Airports Commission recommended a third runway at Heathrow be allowed as it would be the most economically beneficial option. That was well over a year ago, and the Government is yet to announce its decision on the matter. Previous Prime Miister David Cameron ducked the decision a number of times. It is to be hoped that Mrs May does not.

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