Runway decision expected

The government is expected to announce its recommendation for a new runway at either Heathrow or Gatwick this week, with a decision expected to be announced possibly on Tuesday 25 October.

Once the decision is announced, the government is expected to consult both parliament and the public on a National Policy Statement (NPS), with a vote in the Commons on the final Statement expected in 2017/18.

Business group London First signalled that their lobby arm, Let Britain Fly, will welcome a clear decision from the government and will urge MPs to support that decision as “a sign the UK is open for business”.

They will not be alone. The removal of some element of the uncertainty will help those on both sides of the argument, and certainly would assist business. However, we have been here before. The last Labour government approved a new runway, only for that decision to be reversed by David Cameron’s first government. This decision will not be the end of the road.

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