Rogers at Bloemfontein Road: Pictures

Rogers_white_city_1_small Rogers Stirk Harbour’s recently approved scheme at Bloemfontein Road has released a number of arresting images of the health-and-social-housing scheme.

Centred around a Collaborative Care Centre, the £30m White City scheme will provide a one-stop-shop for health and social care in the area. It will also provide 179 new housing units, being a mix of 60% private and 40% affordable, in addition to retail, office and cafe space.

The scheme is being delivered by Building Better Health and joint venture partner Hammersmith & Fulham PCT, in partnership with the local Council. It will be the largest and most adventurous scheme to be completed under the NHS LIFT (Local Improvement and Finance Trust) initiative.

Rogers_white_city_4 The new centre brings together the existing White City Health Centre and Sawley Road Social Services offices. The scheme, which has the support of the GLA, will be a significant regeneration project as well as having the potential to stimulate further development in the area. In addition to providing a landmark building, it will also improve the park by creating a ‘gateway’ and additional multi-functional urban space, which has the potential for being used for a variety of community purposes, including a local market.

Sylvie Pierce, Chief Executive of Building Better Health, said, “This is our largest and most ambitious scheme to date and, more importantly, a scheme that will provide much-needed facilities to the area. e firmly believe that if good design is aligned with the service aspirations of the public sector, it can produce buildings which are a pleasure to work in and to use – significantly contributing to health and well being."

Rogers_white_city_5 Mark Darbon, Project Director for Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners commented: “This scheme represents a real opportunity to deliver many of the aspirations we have as a practice in a single development. Not only is it a key regeneration project for the area, but it also offers the architectural challenge of delivering a single, mixed-use building that incorporates important local facilities and creates a new entrance to a significant area of public space.”

When completed, the development will provide a 3,400 sq m collaborative health centre, up to 1,000 sq m of retail, a 120 sq m café, 1,500 sq m of offices and 179 new housing units, making it one of the most ambitious NHS LIFT projects to be undertaken. The housing will range from micro and studio units to three-bedroom family accommodation.

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