‘Resounding’ vote for Central Ealing Neighbourhood Plan

Central Ealing residents and business have voted overwhelmingly to adopt the Central Ealing Neighbourhood Plan.

The result of the 12 October referendum was announced by Ealing Council chief executive and returning officer Paul Najsarek.

The poll result showed that 92.2% of central Ealing residents and 91.5% of businesses had voted ‘Yes’.

The Plan’s policies aim to protect the Ealing town centre conservation areas and its historic architecture and green spaces, whilst encouraging “sensible” redevelopment, good transport links, improved retail and more.

Future planning applications will now be required to take account of the Plan’s provisions.

Tony Miller, chairman of the Central Ealing Neighbourhood Forum which developed the Plan said: “We had a turnout of some 3,000 voters and we’re delighted with the resounding majorities. This comes at the end of five years of effort by residents and business working together to create an exciting vision of the future.”

He added: “That vision is that central Ealing should be a welcoming and prosperous place for residents, businesses and visitors. The plan will influence the way Ealing looks and works for years to come.”

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