Redding takes reins for SEGRO in London

segroPhil Redding has taken charge of most of the former Brixton portfolio in the new structure at SEGRO.

Redding essentially keeps the role he had at SEGRO – London Director – but is now in charge of the former Brixton assets in West London as well as those owned by SEGRO before the takeover. SEGRO are now, comfortably, the largest landlord in the sub-region.

Details of the restructure reveal that twenty three former Brixton staff have joined SEGRO, including former Director David Procter, who joins as London Investment Director, working to Redding.

Redding also has Stuart Davies, Mike Cummings and Alison Yard in his team, who take Regional Director roles for Heathrow, Park Royal, and Greater London respectively. David Whitlock completes the London team as Senior Development Manager.

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