Quintain bids show appetite for Wembley

Seven bids have been received for the purchase of all or part of Quintain by owners Lone Star, it is reported, showing strong appetite for their Wembley Park regeneration.

The bids include one from Oxford Properties and APG, according to Property Week,  bit it is also reported that the expected bid from Guy Hands’ Annington has not materialised.

Quintain are currently building out their 5000 home build-to-rent programme alongside over 1,000,000 sq ft of commercial office space, with retail, leisure, affordable workspace, significant improvements to the public space including a new park and two new squares, sports facilities and community space.

The number of offers shows the level of interest and confidence in Wembley and the destination Quintain and Brent Council are creating.

It is expected that Lone Star will slim the list for a second round of bids.

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