QPR and Council seek future for the club in H&F

Queens Park Rangers and Hammersmith & Fulham Council continue to discuss the club’s future in the borough.

QPR had said that they were interested in oving from their Loftus Road stadium in Shepherds Bush to the site of the Linford Christie Stadium in Wormwood Scrubs. They say that their current site is unsustainable. It is surrounded by homes in part those on the White City Estate, and therefore is difficult to redevelop.

Lee Hoos, QPR Chief Executive, said: “We are looking at all possible options to secure the future of the club in Hammersmith & Fulham and benefit the community,” he said.”A potential partnership with an athletics club such as Thames Valley Harriers to create a new community stadium – and an adjacent athletics track – could bring huge benefits to both clubs, as well as to the local community that is our home.

“Before putting forward any formal proposal for a new community stadium we would consult fans, local residents, schools, charities and others to see how best we could achieve those aims.”

Meanwhile, the Council plans a consultation of its own on the future of the Linford Christie Stadium, and has called on QPR fans to lobby their owners to hand over the ownership of their club to the fans so it can remain in the borough.A Hammersmith & Fulham spokesperson said: “If QPR’s owners won’t put their money where their mouth is and invest in the current stadium we’ve offered to consider other options such as renting other sites”.

“We think this is a crunch point for QPR. We call on the owners to put the club and its fans first and consider an FC Barcelona-style fan ownership. We love QPR but don’t see it as our business to help QPR’s owners engage in property speculation.”

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