Public Consultation begins on C-Charge Western Extension

C_charge_logo_always_c_tfl A five-week public consultation on the future of the Western Extension of the Congestion Charging zone begins today, as Boris begins an "exercise in democracy".

The consultation was an election pledge made by the Mayor and he says he is "particularly keen for local residents, retailers and businesses within or on the borders of the extension to take part".

Mayor Johnson said: "Whenever I head to the west of our city I meet people with strong opinions on the Western Extension. But when my predecessor held a consultation on this important issue he completely ignored its results. Unlike him I have the utmost respect for the opinions of Londoners and I hope that thousands of them will take part in the consultation".

“I remain to be persuaded on exactly what we should do with the extension so this is a superb opportunity for anyone with an opinion to get involved and help influence my final decision. As well as the obvious options of keeping it or removing it, I would be very keen to know what Londoners think of suggestions such as having a charge-free period during the middle of the day.”

Public opinion is thought to be generally against the extension, and certainly traders and Councils in the areas affected have voiced their opposition.

C-Charge image copyright TfL, reproduced with kind permission.

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