Property Lunch takes tour

At the recent West London Business Property Lunch, guests were treated to a spin round three interesting schemes, all of which add sigificantly to the cultural or economic life of the sub-region.

Sam Wright of Wilkinson Eyre gave us an insight in to a project just outside West London, at Lords, in Westminster. Just one stop on the Jubilee Line away though it’s the headquarters of English Cricket, and wil host the Ashes in the summer of 2019.

Wilkinson Eyre have designed replacements for the Compton and Edrich stands, which sit either side of the iconic media centre. The designs increase the stands’ capacity to 11500, work will start on the final day of the 2019 season, and complete before the next starts. It will also eliver a new entrance to the ground along Wellington Road.

Bosco Lam, also of Wilkinson Eyre, told us about a very different project, the new HS2 station at Old Oak. This of course has a longer timescale, and is scheduled to open in 2026.

It’s a feat of engineering, linkig lines 12m underground, with those on the surface, creating a ew interchange between Crossrail and HS2. It will be the biggest new station in the UK for over a century, equivalent in size to Kings Cross or the new London Bridge.

Trevor Morriss of SPPARC talked about their reimagining of the Olympia exhibition venue, where the key was opening what has been a closed site up so the public can enter and enjoy.

The site has a kilometre of road frontage, but only nine metres of that as active. SPPARC’s scheme aims to celebrate, restore and enhance this “People’s Palace”, showcasing the Grade 2* Central Hall, adding a messanine. Morriss said they were aiming to “Take fortress Olympia and make it more permeable, elevating public realm to the roof level and trying to get people closer to the recognisable architecture”.

The scheme will create new street frontage, a 200,000 sq ft logistics area which wil help reduce the impact of exhibition lorry traffic on the surrounding area, a new theatre on what is now a suface car park at G Gate, and add a music venue to the West Hall.


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