Planning “manipulation” suspected in Hillingdon

Councillors suspect an organisation with an interest near an area designated to become a conservation area is attempting to manipulate the planning process.

LB Hillingdon suggested the Copse Wood Estate, in Northwood, be designated a conservation area back in 2006, but decided against going ahead after local objections in the form of ‘standard’ letters. The Council believes these were prompted by an anonymous newsletter, which they say contained inaccuracies.

Now the plan is being discussed again, it is reported that a similar newsletter is in circulation, and councillors suspect foul play by a property owner, or similar. Scott Seaman-Digby, a Conservative councillor, told the Uxbridge Gazette: “My guess is the author is a person, group or company with an interest in one or more properties and is playing puppet master by manipulating the democratic process.”

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