Pinewood submits new plans

pinewood studio plansPinewood Shepperton has said it will be submitting a new £200m plans for the expansion of Pinewood Studios.

Previous plans were refused by the Secretary of State.

The Pinewood Studios Development Framework (PSDF) follows consultation with a wide range of local and national stakeholders, as well as with producers and developers of creative content.  Pinewood say it is designed to address increasing global demand for capacity in the UK and deliver growth for the next 15-20 years.

It would produce a substantial expansion of the existing Pinewood Studios by adding a total of 100,000 sq m of new facilities, including studios and stages, workshops, production offices and streetscapes for filming.

Pinewood hope the expansion will let them capture increasing international demand for studio facilities and respond to rising competition from outside the UK.

They say the scheme will produce a significant economic benefit, with £194m of private sector infrastructure investment producing over 8,100 full time jobs, with 3,100 of those new. The studios say the scheme will produce an additional £149m in economic GVA, and a contribution to the Exchequer of £36m pa.

Ivan Dunleavy, Chief Executive, Pinewood Shepperton plc said:  “This is a critical opportunity for the creative industries and particularly for the UK film industry. Global demand for filmed entertainment is increasing and the UK remains one of the leading destinations to produce creative content. We have the talent and skills and the Government has expressed its commitment to the industry through the various tax reliefs now available. Without infrastructure to meet the rising demand, the UK will inevitably turn away business. Pinewood Studios, the UK film industry and UK plc cannot afford to allow this to happen.”

Danny Boyle (Artistic Director, 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony, and Director of Slumdog Millionaire) said:   “Many of the great British films which were showcased at the Olympic opening ceremony such as Oliver Twist, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Skyfall were produced at Pinewood.  If we are, as a country, to capitalise on our film heritage then we need state of the art facilities like those which Pinewood is proposing to both attract major Hollywood films and nurture and bring on the next generation of young independent British film makers”.

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