Pig Farm, to Landfill, to Homes

A former pig farm, more recently used as a landfill site, could become a housing development for CP Holdings, if LB Harrow’s plans move forward.

The farm has been used as a landfill by the Council, but has got out of control, and now rubbish is piled high. Now, the Council has brokered a deal with CP Holdings that would see three acres of Wood Farm, in Wood Lane, Stanmore, used to build ten houses and the rubbish cleared from the remaining land at the 60 acre site.

The deal allows the Council to return the bulk of the site to be good quality open space, without costing Harrow residents for the clean up. Harrow Council wants to end its lease on the farm to allow the project to go ahead. Residents have until Monday, August 4, to comment on the plans.

Similar proposals were considered two years ago, generating numerous objections from residents and Carole Lis, vice chairman of Elm Park Residents’ Association, said her group collected an 8,200-signature petition in protest. She believes the houses will spoil the view and the whole site should be turned into park land. Since those proposals were shelved, the land has lain under the rubbish. Presumably this hasn’t enhanced the view much.

Councillor David Ashton told the Harrow Times: “It’s been used over the years for illegal flytipping and so is in a pretty bad way. Do we want 60 acres of land no one can get to? It’s a great benefit to people in Harrow and, in my view, is it’s a sensible proposal.”

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