Pickles says ‘Make better use of public assets’

Communities secretary Eric Pickles has told the public sector to take "a good hard look" at its assets and work out new ways to use them more effectively.

Launching a national map of public sector assets, Mr Pickles said: "We need to know, now more than ever, exactly what assets are publicly owned. The general public probably have no idea of the sheer scale and scope of property and land on the public sector’s books. In many cases it goes way beyond traditional frontline services.

"I want the public sector to take a good hard look at what they own. By cataloguing each and every asset councils can help Government find innovative new ways to utilise them, improve local services, keep council running costs down and save taxpayers’ money."

Making better use of public sector assets, in new and innovative ways, is the subject of a session at the Place West London Conference on October 11, 2011. See the full programme.

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