Park Royal to get new studios

Arts Alliance is to open the Garden Studios in Park Royal, a 62,000 sq ft learning, research and production space.

The facilities will include three sound stages along with a specialised virtual production stage, along with workshops, technical facilities, and offices. The virtual production stage is already available to use.

Garden Studios aims to provide a sustainable environment – it will use local suppliers and encourage recycling, making set design more sustainable through reuse and carefully sourced materials. The facility’s virtual production offering is also aimed at reducing the need for multi-location shoots.

Garden Studios also aims to create entry-level jobs and training opportunities, including the launch of an apprenticeship programme in partnership with MetFilm School and West London College.

Thomas Hoegh, founder and CEO of Arts Alliance, said: “This will be an owner-operated business, spearheaded by people who have long and deep experience across many aspects of the film industry. Like all Arts Alliance companies, we seek to demonstrate an innovative and passionate drive for inclusive community building, learning, and opportunities for all.”

Garden Studios Manager, Marnie Keeling, added: “We are creating a unique space and hub that will be a leader in new technologies while creating a space that will feel like home.”

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