“Park Royal City International” to land at Old Oak

LB Hammersmith & Fulham leader, Stephen Greenhalgh, has dubbed the proposed interchange between High Speed 2 (HS2) and Crossrail at Old Oak “Park Royal City International”.

The plans “will turn one of London’s most deprived areas into a new city”, say the council, bringing thousands of new jobs and homes.

Sir Terry Farrell is already working on producing a new vision for the planned rail interchange at Old Oak Common which could be turned into Park Royal City International, according to Cllr Greenhalgh. The plans include 10,000 new homes and 20,000 new jobs at the former rail depot.

Cllr Greenhalgh was to tell a House of Commons Transport Select Committee that High Speed 2 is vital for London and Britain’s future economic growth.

He said: “The creation of a new interchange at Old Oak, or Park Royal City International as it will be known, will unleash the creation of a new business hub bigger than Canary Wharf, bringing thousands of affordable homes and jobs to London.

“Britain needs High Speed 2, not just because of the vast transport improvements it would bring, we need it to lay the foundations of economic growth for decades to come.

“We are already seeing the potential benefits of this in west London with plans to effectively build a new city, bringing 20,000 jobs to an area where nearly half the people living there are unemployed.”

The initial area set to be redeveloped, on the back of HS2, is a 90-hectare site spanning from Wormwood Scrubs and the A40 in the south, Harlesden in the north and Ealing to the west.  A third of land is railway owned, while the remainder features part of the 100-year-old Park Royal Industrial Estate. The Grand Union Canal runs across it.

Sir Terry Farrell said, “This is an incredibly exciting opportunity to reshape and unblock the development of a critical part of north-west London, and crucially to have a huge impact on the country as a whole.

“High Speed Rail is not just a transportation strategy it’s a nationwide economic catalyst that requires creative place making.  Old Oak Common presents an exceptional opportunity and we look forward to developing a clear vision to maximise the transformational benefits of HS2.”

Cllr Greenhalgh said that the regeneration plans would secure the future of the Park Royal Industrial Estate which is the biggest industrial estate in Europe.

He added: “This shows more than ever why we need HS2. An area where we have railway sidings and a depot today will spurn a new city, bringing thousands of affordable homes and jobs that we desperately need. I will challenge anybody who says that we do not need HS2 to visit this area which is currently one of the most deprived in London and see first hand how this would transform the lives of thousands of people.”

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