Park Royal BID set for approval

Park Royal Partnership (PRP) has published figures which suggest their BID ballot is set for approval.

Between October 2010 and April 2011 PRP carried out a formal consultation with businesses to identify their priorities and to establish whether there was support for setting up the BID. In the surveys, most companies supported the concept of setting up a Business Improvement District for northern Europe’s largest business park.

The eligible voters within the proposed Park Royal BID Area provided us with feedback and the voting intentions of those businesses that provided them are summarized here:

Overall Number of Responses   Rateable Value Criterion
Overall Voting Intentions %
Rateable Value %
Yes   67% £27,190,500 70%
No   33% £10,718,000 30%

The key dates for the Park Royal BID Ballot are:
19 May 2011   – Publication of the notice of ballot
1 June 2011    – First day of the ballot
30 June 2011 – Ballot closes
1 July 2011      – BID result announced

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