Outer London Exhibition runs until November

Londons_towns_small New London Architecture’s "Londons Towns" show, featuring architecture and urban planning in West London, and from all around London’s surburban ring, is open until November 15.

The show explores the future of the suburbs under Boris Johnson. London’s Towns: Shaping the Polycentric City looks at the Mayor’s election promise to ‘ensure that outer London can play a full part in the city’s economic success’.

Examining Boris Johnson’s election promise and looking at the conundrums facing the newly established Outer London Commission, the exhibition and related conference and talks programme will inform, inspire and encourage debate about the role of London’s towns.

The show works from the basis that outer London Boroughs are not dormitary towns, but hosts to 42% of employment in the Capital.

Peter Murray, exhibition director, says "The massive spread of London that took place in the 1930s absorbed towns like Kingston, Croydon, Harrow and Romford into the metropolis. These areas of London seem to have come off second best in recent years, when compared to investment in the central boroughs and regeneration areas like the Thames Gateway. The Mayor realises that the vitality and success of outer London is inextricably linked to that of London as a wholeThis exhibition celebrates the way London’s towns are being transformed".

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson comments: “Making sure outer London lives up to its full potential as a place to work, live and enjoy is vital if London is to meet the challenges of population and employment growth while also acting on imperatives like climate change. ‘London’s Towns’ raises many of the questions we will have to address, and shows what can be achieved with imagination and hard work. It is a good start to the discussion, exchange of ideas, policy-making and delivery on the ground that we will need to make the kind of change our city – and its towns – needs.”

The selection of towns and urban centres to be put under the spotlight includes Ealing, Hammersmith, Harrow, Hounslow, Uxbridge and Wembley, as well as a host of North, East and South London Boroughs and locations.

Learn more about the show at the London’s Towns website.

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