Orbital transport must be improved

catherine warwick wilsonThe West London Transport Plan will focus on orbital transport improvements when it is published in November.

Alex Williams, from Transport for London, explained that orbital – or north/south – improvements to the transport infrastructure were key in maximising the benefits of West London’s existing system, while looking to the future. Williams was speaking at Place West London on October 14.

He said the West London Transport Plan will be published next month, and will look in detail at how links between (for example) Clapham Junction and White City can be improved.

This will please business, West London Business has been lobbying for some time for orbital improvements. Businesses on Park Royal have long argued for an orbital FastBus to connect them to Eaing and Wembley, and Catherine Warwick-Wilson (pictured) of GlaxoSmithKline who also spoke at the Place West London conference said that key to helping GSK compete for talent with central London was improving north/south connectivity.

GSK already support their staff strongly in using sustainable transport – with significant cycling initiatives, for example – but without improvements to public transport reducing the dependence on the “already overburdened road network”, it was hard to compete with employers in central London to which commuting is a much simpler experience.

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