OLC says relax parking

The OLC Interim report says relaxing parking restrictions in Outer London might boost the commercial property market.

The suggestion is one of the key recommendations in their report published today, it says that a more flexible approach to parking policy could help the competitiveness of outer London town centres, particularly when compared to the Outer Metropolitan Areas such as Reading where parking policies tend to allow three to four times as much parking accompanying any commercial development.

It’s part of a theme in the report which has Outer London competing not with Central London, but with Reading, Guildford and other surrounding towns. The report says there needs to be “a much stronger commitment to introducing a level playing field with OMA on parking policy and out-of-centre development”.

As reported last month, the superhubs concept does not form part of the OLC’s recommendations, nor does an orbital transport route.

This interim report will be included in the London Plan review. The Commission will submit its final report later in the year. See more from Property Week.

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