Offices to convert to homes in Harrow?

The former Land Registry office in Harrow is once again the subject of plans to convert it to housing.

Land owner Wichford are discussing plans to change Lyon House and Equitable House into 260 new homes. The buildings closed in February 2010 when the government agencies housed there moved away.

Rawdon Sherwood, director of Moss Architecture, told the Harrow Observer: “It’s a mixed-use development that we’re discussing with planners, so it has residential – both private and affordable – commercial uses and community uses. Before it was offices, the site used to be a series of large Victorian villas set in large gardens and so we’re hoping to create a large central garden.”

Project managers Lockglide are reported to be discussing Metropolitan Housing Group managing some of the affordable housing.

A planning application for the site is expected in the summer.

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