Octopus delayed

chiswick octopusThe decision on London & Bath’s ‘Octopus’ scheme in Chiswick has been delayed.

The Chiswick Area planning committee was advised by planning officers that the decision should be taken at a higher level, and it will now be looked at by the Sustainable Development Committee in March.

Opinion among councillors is divided on the scheme, which would produce a building on Chiswick roundabout clad in five giant advertising screens aimed at the A4, and there has been criticism from the Highways Agency.

The developer remains confident. Managing director of London &Bath Estates, Kim Gottlieb told the Hounslow Guardian: Theres a loud body of people who dont like the scheme but we are very confident about the tremendous support weve received from people across the borough of all ages. Were very positive about the next meeting and are confident we can remove any genuine issues there are with the proposal.


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