Now Alperton gets Dispersal Zone

A Dispersal Zone has been set up in Alperton, following ones being fixed for South Kilburn and Hayes.

Police and Police Support Officers can now separate gangs causing anti-social behaviour in Lyon Park Avenue, Woodstock Road, Lomond Close, Rowley Close, Heather Park Parade, Mount Pleasant, Heather Park Drive, The Grange, Kenmere Gardens, Heather Park, Highcroft Avenue and Beresford Avenue. This also includes any open areas, car parks and communal spaces. Anyone caught misbehaving can be banned for 24 hours. The dispersal zone came into force on Monday (September 6) and will run until midday on February 6.

There have been over 170 complaints over the last six months about gangs hanging around and causing trouble, drug dealing, criminal damage to local businesses in the area and large groups drinking alcohol on the streets.

This follows similar Zones being set up in South Kilburn and Hayes.

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