North Finchley SPD adopted

The North Finchley Town Centre Framework Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) has been adopted by Barnet Council.

It sets out an approach for revitalising one of the largest town centres in the borough. The SPD seeks a greater focus on an appropriate mix of uses, where retailing remains important but residential makes a greater contribution to the town centre’s diversification and overall ‘offer’.

Investment in residential led mixed use development will, hopes the council, help to fund public realm and infrastructure improvements making North Finchley a more attractive centre to live, visit and enjoy.

Feedback from the consultation in 2017 was generally supportive of the SPD’s spatial approach for three core activity areas whilst more specific concerns were expressed about individual sites, tall buildings, traffic and social infrastructure.

In further support of the SPD’s transport proposals a High Level Transport Review has been produced to explore
how the implementation of the SPD would affect movement in North Finchley.

Following adoption the SPD will guide future masterplanning in North Finchley, supporting further technical work
on traffic management, bus service networks and car parking strategy as well as other infrastructure delivery including provision for health and education.

The SPD will be a material consideration in determining planning applications.

The council have also agreed to establish a North Finchley Partnership Board made up of local stakeholders including councillors, traders, businesses, landlords, Barnet Homes, residents and community organisations,
local schools, the Artsdepot, faith organisations and the Council lead officer and appropriate representative of the lead developer, Joseph & Partners.


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