Norris joins board of TfL

Norris_and_ashton Former Mayoral candidate Steven Norris (pictured at the lookwest reception at MIPIM chatting to Councillor Marilyn Ashton of Harrow Council) has been appointed to the Boards of Transport for London and the London Development Agency by Mayor Johnson.

The Mayor confirmed that he will personally chair the board of Transport For London, assuming the position with immediate effect. He said that the long term leadership of the board will be considered over time.

The Mayor has also asked Stephen Norris to join the board, and to sit on the board of the London Development Agency. He has asked Mr Norris to carry out the specific task of co-ordinating work between the two bodies.

Boris Johnson said: "Stephen Norris will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience of both transport and business to these important roles, and is therefore uniquely placed to co-ordinate their work. He has also proved, time and time again that he has a passionate commitment to London, which I applaud".

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