Non-listing helps Alton regen

The alton librarySecretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has confirmed that Allbrook House and Roehampton Library will not be listed, meaning the regeneration of the Alton area can move ahead more easily.

The minister’s final verdict follows a report by Historic England which concludes that the two buildings are not of sufficient quality or interest to qualify for protected status.

Allbrook House and the library are located at the gateway to the Alton Estate, a site which has been earmarked for new homes and community facilities including a new library and village green. If they had been listed this key part of the Alton Area Masterplan would have to have been rethought.

The minister’s decision means the council can now proceed with its plans to revive the neighbourhood.

Council leader Ravi Govindia said: “We are pleased that both the Secretary of State and Historic England share our view and have rejected the listing application. We can now put this expensive waste of time behind us and get on with developing the plans to improve this area and providing the new homes and modern community facilities local people want.

“The fact is that Neither Allbrook House nor the library match the quality of the other protected buildings on the estate. They were not executed as originally planned and create an awkward, unattractive and poorly functioning entrance from Roehampton Lane. At ground floor level they provide dark, isolated spaces which attract anti-social behaviour and cause local people real concern. Common sense has prevailed.”


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