No cafe for Shepherds Bush Green

LB Hammersmith & Fulham’s plans to improve Shepherds Bush Green are only part approved after a DEFRA inquiry.

The inquiry took place because the Green is common land, and there had been some objections from residents and many local organisations to plans to build a cafe, partly because it involved felling mature trees.

The inspector has ruled that while play areas and other improvements can go ahead, the building of the cafe and felling of the trees cannot.

Councillor Greg Smith, H&F Council cabinet member for residents’ services, told the Hammersmith Chronicle: “There was plenty of support for a new café and almost 70 per cent of residents who responded to a consultation told us that a café would be ideal for the Green. In fact, 76 per cent of people who responded said that overall suggestions for the new-look Green were very good or good.

“While we are disappointed that the Planning Inspector ruled against the café proposal, we are delighted that he approved the overall scheme.”

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