Next phase at Grahame Park gets consent

Barnet Council has granted detailed consent for 209 more homes as part of the 3000 home Grahame Park regeneration programme.

The latest plans from Notting Hill Genesis are for 209 homes in blocks up to 11 storeys high. At the same time, councillors approved outline plans for a further 1879 homes.

The overall regeneration programme will eventually deliver approximately 3,000 homes by 2032, in place of the 1700 which were on the estate before work began. These would be around 1,800 new private homes, and around 900 new affordable homes. Approximately 25 per cent (463) of the original homes will be retained and integrated into the new development.

There are also new road, pedestrian and cycle networks, while the scheme included space for the relocation of Barnet and Southgate College to the area in 2016, a replacement health centre, library, community centre, children’s activity centre and centre for independent living, as well as new retail and open space, and a new Civic Centre for Barnet Council.

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