New sculpture for Wembley

A new four metre high landmark sculpture for London has been added to Wembley.

The sculpture, called ‘Angled Ball’, celebrates Brent, and nearby Wembley Stadium, as the home of football. The sculpture was commissioned by Brent Council from British artist James Hopkins. Futurecity, a leading cultural consultancy, worked with Brent on the commission.

Funding for the artwork came from IKEA as part of their section 106 planning obligations. James’s winning sculpture creates an optical illusion¬† where, as the viewer moves around the sculpture, the squares, hexagons and pentagons merge to create a giant football visible from only two angles.¬†

The location of the sculpture close to the North Circular road, in the grounds of IKEA and in the shadow of Wembley Stadium, means ‘Angled Ball’ will provide a marker for football fans on their way to the stadium.

Over 100,000 cars will travel past the sculpture every day, which will quickly make ‘Angled Ball’ one of the most widely viewed artworks in the UK.

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