New products and new aproaches

Brunel University, West London Business and Place West London are holding a lunch to showcase innovation in business.

The West London Innovation lunch – New products and new aproaches – Brunel, Innovation and Business – will see Brunel’s students, staff and associate companies present exciting new developments designed to contribute to a prosperous and more sustainable future.

It will be held on June 9, as part of the “Made in Brunel” showcase, at Bargehouse in SE1, and is free to attend.

Made in Brunel showcases the brightest creations from Brunel University’s globally renowned School of Engineering and Design. This generation’s emerging talent present an outstanding array of technological, sustainable, humanistic and virtual innovation. This year Made in Brunel represents the journey that the students undertake and the story behind the creations on show in June at Bargehouse.

Made in Brunel was launched in 2005. For six years it has been gaining momentum, creating links between universities and industry in the fields of design and engineering. Each year, new students bring a unique viewpoint that enriches Made in Brunel.

To register for free for the lunch, or the rest of the exhibition, visit Made in Brunel.

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