New plans for Harrow Tesco

Tesco have submitted new plans to expand their Harrow supermarket after withdrawing the last set.

The supermarket unveiled a second set of plans to expand its flagship supermarket in Station Road, Harrow, last week after its first proved unpopular with neighbours, reports the Harrow Observer. Tesco have responded to the public disapproval of their earlier plans by reducing the onsite car parking from over 600 to 470, and has carried out consultations with residents around the new plans.

They intend a two storey extension to the front, side and back of the existing store and a new four storey building to provide additional retail space as well as possible restaurants and further retail space. There will also be 14 new homes in the development.

Tesco corporate affairs manager, Tony Fletcher, told the Observer: “We consulted a bit more widely after withdrawing the application because we wanted a scheme that reflected the best outcome for all those involved. We now think this is much more in keeping with what people want and we hope we can now move forward with the application.”

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