New parking chief orders charging review

Councillor Dean Cohen, the new Barnet Council Cabinet Member for the environment, has announced a review of parking charges in the borough’s town centres.

This comes in the wake of the resignation of the former portfolio holder, Brian Coleman, whose had sought to make significant changes to parking charges.

Cllr Cohen has confirmed a series of changes to policies on parking charges which will now proceed through the formal decision making process.   He wants to introduce half-day visitor vouchers for controlled parking zones, and credit card machines in eight of the council’s car parks. He has announed there will be no new car park charges in a number of car parks, and no fees introduced in others.

Cllr Cohen has also asked officers to explore the possibility of introducing a 50p “stop and shop” parking tariff. Cllr Cohen said: “I appreciate that many people just want to nip into a couple of shops and this would make it much easier. I have asked officers to explore the possibility of introducing such a voucher although we have to look at the economics of this.

“I will also launch a review of parking prices in each of our town centres and major shopping parades. We need to strike a balance between ensuring there is a steady turnover of spaces for cars in these areas but also that people have time to shop. I will be consulting with businesses in each of these centres before coming to a final decision.

“I have also asked officers to review the pricing in our council run car parks. Following feed back from residents and businesses, I am not convinced that our pricing is set at the correct level for either business or the council.”

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