New Outer London adviser for Boris

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has appointed Cllr Teresa O’Neill, Leader of the London Borough of Bexley, as his unpaid advisor on Outer Borough Relations, to work with him on combating the problems around economic prosperity, housing, transport and employment faced by the outer boroughs.

Cllr O’Neill joins the Mayor in his work with the Outer London Commission, which he set up in 2008. to  bring together boroughs, public and private sector regeneration agencies, developers, landowners and experts in the fields of planning, and economic development. 

The Mayor’s office says the appointment builds on the work of the Commission and that Cllr O’Neill will help drive forward its recommendations. 

The Mayor of London said: “It is vital we address the historic neglect of the outer boroughs that preceded this mayoralty. We are talking about the places people enjoy living in; local communities that care about their surroundings; parks, shopping centres, places to cycle around, meet friends and spend time with families. What we know through the work we have already done with the Outer London Commission, is that one of the greatest economic assets provided by the outer boroughs is the quality of life afforded to residents. This is the very beating heart of the ‘village in the city’ and needs to be allowed to flourish.”

Cllr O’Neill said: “Outer London offers not only a tremendous quality of life, but has major interests and businesses of its own. Its success is vital to the economy of London and to the nation as a whole.”

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