New Manufacturing at CRL

The next Place West London event is on July 7, in Hayes, as we focus on the contribution that manufacturing can make to the West London economy.

The free-to-attend event – a late afternoon seminar followed by drinks – will be a lively tour of the ‘Maker’ movement, entitled “The Future of Making”.

We know that manufacturing is changing. The advanced manufacturing sector is growing rapidly. Digital design and 3D printing are moving boundaries. The concept of the ‘maker’ is making an impact as the gap between producer and and marketplace narrows.

West London has a grand heritage in ‘making’. Our native ingenuity and capacity for innovation, and our location in the heart of the UK’s biggest market, coupled with the international connectivity conferred on us by Heathrow, give our ‘makers’ a significant competitive advantage. So we could secure significant economic growth.

However, there is competition. All regions of the UK, and indeed the World, want these ‘makers’. How can we make sure we stay strong, and remain the best place for them to start up, grow, and thrive?

Place West London is organising the seminar in conjunction with Brunel University and with support from The Old Vinyl Factory. We will be taking a look at what the “Advanced Manufacturing” sector can offer in terms of economic growth for the sub-regional economy.

At the event, hosted by the Central Research Laboratory, the Old Vinyl Factory’s business incubator, you will hear about what such companies could deliver for the economy in terms of GDP and jobs, and how they can be encouraged and nurtured through the right physical environment, through tuning the output of schools and colleges, and through mentoring and shared R&D.

The event is free to attend.

See full details, and book your place.


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