New look for Brent

brent logoBrent Council is launching a new corporate identity from June 1 in time to go in to its new Civic Centre in 2013 with a new feel.

The council say it’s the perfect time for an update of its identity and branding as the move to the new building and resultant change of address mean we have to produce new stationery, signage and so on anyway, although there are no plans to replace any existing street signage.

Brent’s official identity has remained largely unchanged since 1965 when the council was first established, and is one of the last to include the council crest.

Toni McConville, Director of Customer and Community Engagement, Brent’s senior communications spokesperson said: “Our new civic building and new identity are symbols for everything the council now stands for – a modern, innovative and forward-thinking organisation that celebrates the rich diversity of its community.¬† The key changes the council faces have prompted us to look at all aspects of our operations, including how we can be better recognised. The new brand is more distinctive, more reflective of Brent and makes us stand out.”

Brent have resisted the idea, floated more than once, of changing their name from Brent to Wembley, which some think might make the borough better recognised and understood, and would help attract international investment.

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