New housing strategy for H&F

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has its new Housing Strategy, following cabinet approval.

The new strategy sets out the council’s vision for the future of housing in the borough, including giving tenants, leaseholders and private renters more control and more protections.

“Our new strategy is a revolution in the way the council approaches housing locally,” said Cllr Lisa Homan, Cabinet Member for Housing at Hammersmith & Fulham Council. “We are confident that we now have a strategy to create lasting and positive change for residents across the borough, regardless of their income or age.”

The new strategy has three aims, to regenerate the borough and increase the amount of affordable housing on offer; to meet both housing need and aspiration in the borough, ensuring that all sections of the community have “more of an opportunity to live in decent, genuinely affordable homes”; and improving housing services for all – including improving the private rented sector by reducing long-term empty homes and prosecuting “rogue” landlords.

The council say they have also led a series of renegotiations on projects approved by the previous administration, securing, they say, more than £50million in extra funds which will mainly be spent on delivering 231 new affordable homes.

In addition, the council has also created a Residents’ Commission on Council Housing which has begun its discussions with tenants and leaseholders about the future of the council’s housing stock. “The new residents’ commission is a statement of our intent to help look at giving local tenants and leaseholders more control over their neighbourhoods,” Cllr Homan added.

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