New Health Centre on Bloemfontein Road

LB Hammersmith have approved plans for a new Health Centre and 179 homes.

The centre will be built in Bloemfontein Road in White City, on a site which includes the former Janet Adegoke Centre on Bloemfontein Road and part of Wormholt Park. It will also incorporate existing buildings that currently house social services on Sawley Road.

The move comes following years of consultation. The building will be split into very distinct areas with retail and office space to the south, the health centre to the north and housing on the floors above.

Dr Dagmar Zeuner, joint Director of Public Health for the council and PCT, said: “It is no secret that residents in the area have the poorest health in the borough. This new facility will pave the way for a better and healthier future for so many people. The improved park area and new retail & housing that come with the project will also have a positive impact bringing new jobs, and new open spaces for people to use."

The centre will house GPs, dentists, a pharmacy and a range of other services such as podiatry, day surgery, district nurses and health visitors under one roof. There will also be mental health, radiology, and speech and language services.

The southern end of the building will have offices for social services and an IT café and community hub. There will also be 179 apartments, almost 40 per cent of which will be affordable and shared ownership.

Neighbouring Wormholt Park will also get a facelift as part of the development.

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