New Government scraps R3

One of the new Liberal Conservative Government’s first actions is to cancel the third runway at Heathrow. The cancellation was a manifesto pledge for both parties, so the action is no surprise.

The pledge to cancel is contained in the written agreement between the two parties on policies which has been hammered out in the negotiations that have taken place since the election. The agreement also contains a pledge to refuse additional runways at Stansted and Gatwick, but makes no mention of a Thames Estuary airport. Instead, the document promises investment in High Speed Rail.

The policy will delight campaign groups such as HACAN and 2M, but disappoint airport operator BAA and business groups that have campaigned for expansion on economic grounds, who will look for other ways to expand capacity. West London Business Chief Exec, Frank Wingate, said: This decision is not unexpected. But it doesnt alter the fact that the UK needs to find a solution to growing demand for aviation and global travel. If we dont, then we limit our own capacity to develop our economy and prosperity, while the rest of Europe modernizes and expands its airports.

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