New Committee in Harrow for major developments

LB Harrow has put a new committee together to review all major developments in the Borough.

The Major Developments Panel will look at the redevelopment of Harrow Leisure Centre, the hoped-for new Harrow Civic Centre, and all large scale buildings planned for Harrow town centre.

The new Labour administration criticised the previous Conservative-run Council for not having strategic direction, particularly around Harrow Town Centre, and this committee is their response.

Other projects reported by the Harrow Timesas likely to come before the panel are Fairview’s plans for the former Gayton Road Library siteand any plans submitted for the Kodak site in Wealdstone.

Councillor Keith Ferry, the planning portfolio holder, told the Harrow Times: We felt there had to be somewhere for the portfolio holders for money, environment, development, and property came together and considered places like the civic centre and Kodak.

As well as Ferry, the members of the committee will be Cllr Bill Stephenson (Leader),  Cllr Phil O’Dell (Environment), Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar (Major Contacts and Property), as well as the Conservative members Susan Hall, Barry MacLeod-Cullinane, and Tory Ferrari.


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