New App for White City occupiers

Stanhope has launched a new occupier app for White City Place, with Mitsui Fudoshan and AIMCo.

Stanhope say they have prioritised occupier experience at White City Place,  and this has led to the lauch of the White City Place app. The White City area is already a creative, tech and life sciences hub, and Stanhope say this new app is already delivering a major upgrade in service for tenants ranging from the BBC and ITV Studios to Novartis, Autolus, Yoox-Net-a- Porter and OneWeb.

The White City Place app aims to set a new benchmark for the industry in terms of enhancing the end-user customer experience by shifting the dialogue from basic elements such as events, news and retail offers to the provision of value-add customer interface opportunities, including door-access control, amenity and space booking, personal delivery co-ordination, lifestyle and concierge services.

Nick Hiles, Asset Management Director for Stanhope said: “From the inception of White City we wanted to be able to engage and interact directly with our occupiers rather than be beholden to differing corporate firewalls. We therefore needed to have a robust digital solution that was centred on a customer platform that was relevant and would hold interest and fundamentally be used. We watched and studied the emergence of this area of PropTech for some time now, but were puzzled in what the value early adopters actually delivered and their longevity. Building from these we quickly realised that we could further and create something that would truly meet our needs both from a customer and management perspective, but hold excitement and use to our occupiers.

“We are delighted at our initial launch version, our team are doing an amazing job on content production and already working on a future phased series of upgrades and deployments to take us even further forward. Our customers are already loving it as well, evidenced by the exceptional feedback we have received and demonstrated by the initial download, proactive engagement and retained usage that our analytics are showing.”

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