New agreement to address mobile “not spots” and make London 5G ready

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has published a new standard agreement to help commercial landlords and public property owners address poor areas of mobile phone coverage.

The new arrangement will speed up the process which allows mobile providers access to rooftops and other sites to install kit to address mobile ‘not spots’.

Access to mobile services is an important requirement for Londoners and businesses – with Londoners currently using 38 million gigabytes of mobile data – a fifth of all the mobile data in the UK. Each year the amount of data used rises by an estimated 25% to 42%.

The standard agreement delivers on the Mayor’s manifesto commitment to better use public sector property for digital connectivity, and forms part of his Connected London programme, which aims to enhance mobile and fixed fibre connectivity in London through investment, new data and working with local authorities.

The agreement has been developed in partnership with the British Standards Institution, with the support of City of London, and a steering committee made up of legal representatives of land owners and from the telecommunications sector.

The move will support existing 4G mobile users in areas where connectivity is poor and assist the future roll out of 5G – which will also require access to buildings – by establishing a consistent approach to be followed across London.

Leading business group London First has welcomed this agreement and released a report, Enhancing Digital Connectivity, arguing that steps must be taken now if full fibre is to become the norm across the capital.

Theo Blackwell, London’s Chief Digital Officer said: “Today good mobile coverage is an expectation for all those who live, work or visit London. This guidance is part of the Mayor’s commitment to enhance mobile and fixed connectivity in the capital. It helps end uncertainty which has stopped or slowed infrastructure being put in place across London with a new, consistent approach.

“At City Hall we are working to ensure we have the digital connectivity infrastructure needed through our new Connected London programme, to support Londoners in areas of poor connectivity and assist the future roll out of 5G, which will hugely benefit businesses and the public alike.”

Jasmine Whitbread, CEO of London First, said: “Making it easier to deliver the digital connectivity the capital needs is a critical part of keeping the city competitive now and into the future. Today’s announcement is welcome as it will simplify the process and speed things up for all involved.”

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