Mural for Northolt?

watermead muralGiving Northolt a splash of colour could help raise the spirits and “put the town on the map”, say councillors.

Ward councillors have recruited a Hanwell artist to design a mural for an available wall space which might look at the areas history – the former racecourse at Northolt Park, the RAF base, and so on.

Chris Summers, councillor for Northolt Mandeville, told the Ealing Gazette: “I heard about a mural in Copley Close Estate in Hanwell which was done by kids on the estate.┬áThe example in Copley Close is positive. The kids feel good about themselves and it’s made them interested in art.”

A similar exercise was undertaken on the Watermead Estate in Hounslow (pictured), where Hounslow Homes let residents do the painting work.

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