MPs “prefer Heathrow” for expansion

The expansion of Heathrow Airport, including the building of a third runway, is the most popular option among MPs for increasing south east aviation capacity,  according to Ipsos MORI’s study of MPs.

The study asked MPs what their level of support for exapnsion at Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted was, and whether they backed a new Thames Estuary airport.

46% of MPs surveyed support the expansion of Heathrow.   This compares to 42% who support the building of additional runway capacity at Gatwick and 39% who support Stansted.

The building of a new London Gateway airport in the Thames Estuary was the least popular option among MPs, with only 16% supporting it.

While the LibDems remain generally opposed to any new runways anywhere, both Labour and Conservative MPs show net support for expansion at Heathrow, although with 47% in favour and 39% opposed among Tory ranks, it is an issue which clearly splits the party.

Director at Ipsos MORI’s Reputation Centre, Carl Phillips, said:  “The idea of a ‘London Gateway Airport ’ has been disregarded by the majority of MPs – clearly the Mayor has his work cut out for him if he wants to win support for a new airport.”

See the study report.

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