More delay for Heathrow?

Reports are circulating that the Government is preparing to delay its decision on expanding Heathrow.

The BBC reports that the response to the Airports Commission report – which unanimously recommended expansion at Heathrow – will be one which simply extends the uncertainty and delay by a further six months.

The BBC report suggests that the Government wants more time to build confidence in a decision to expand Heathrow, but the cynical might suggest that a six month delay would push the decision past the London Mayoral elections.

The BBC’s report also suggests that the Government wants to use the fact that Gatwick would remain an option to get more concessions over compensation and environmental mitigation from Heathrow.

The Government responded with a statement that said it will give “a clear direction” before Christmas.

Any further delay would both annoy the business lobby, and further damage the UK’s economic competitiveness, and would be a terrible example of politics getting in the way of good sense. For the good of the UK, and for the people affected by the decision, it should be taken now.

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